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Well...a bit off subject, but what a better group to ask.

Been looking for a canopy for use in the pits. Prefer one of those high grade modular units that one or two people can put up. Fits in a bag as one piece.

Any ideas? Web sites? Manufactures?




Try this. I have one and really like it. By the way I have never seen any of their products priced anywhere near what they suggest on their website. Usually much cheaper. You can find them at sporting goods stores or home improvement stores.

Good Luck,



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I see a lot of the EZup's at the track. I saw one go tumbling on a windy days and was wadded into a useless mass of twisted aluminum and canvas. Make sure you tie the corners down. That wind can pick up unexpectedly.

We recently purchases a 9'6" x 9'6" EZUP at Popular Outdoor Outfitters here in the Phoenix area for $99. It has been a life saver here in the desert. I agree with Boit, anchor it somehow if you get one. Lots of guys use a tie down hooked to a gas can or tool box, others use the stakes that come with the canopy. The new EZUP's set up in about a minute!

I've used alot of different brands. If you have wind in your area, they will all get torn up (yes, even held down). The better quality you get, the longer they will last. I currently have the Caravan. I got it at Cosco. It came with a carrying case, weight bags, 3-side walls, stakes,tie down straps, and of course the top. It also has extra straps to better secure the top to the frame, and the top is removable for longer life. $200. My basic opinion is to step up and buy one with a good frame. If buy a cheap one because it was only $100, 6 months down the road you're going to be throwing it away.

EZ-Up has a factory outlet store here in So. Cal. in Colton. We bought our 10 X 10 with the heavy frame and blue cover for $200.00. They also come with a white cover but that gives off too much glare for me.

Fastkevin is right, I would not go with anything but the heavy frame. I use tie downs to secure it to the trailer or truck and have never had the wind blow it away.

Enjoy, yzernie

I just ordered on of the EZ-ups via their web site. Went with the Speed-Blue, 8x12. Designed for "automotive and motocross pits".

Paid $400 including tax and shipping. A bit pricey, but I also called them and talked about some of the retail prices. They told me that Sam's Club and others buy some of the smaller models in mass quantities and sell at discount.

I called one of their dealers and they only carried one model.

So it seemed like the web site or direct was the way to go.

I hope the price reflects the quality, and I'll do my best to keep it tied down.

Thanks again for all the help.


Go to and click on supplies.

Then click on canopy. As an artist doing outdoor art festivals I need a canopy that stands up to wind, rain and the occasional tornado. OK, nothing will stand up in a tornado but I have been in a dust storm in the California desert with sustained 50 mph winds. My canopy was anchored with corkscrew style stakes and managed to stay put. The artist canopys are not cheap but will last a long time. I use a Light Dome. With four sides (which come in handy if it's raining sideways) mine cost about $1000 and that was 10 years ago. I have done about 100 art shows with it and also set it up at the track. Take my word for it, EZ ups and KD canopys will not stand up to high winds. I've seen many turn into giant kites and end up 2 blocks away. If you can afford it buy a good quality canopy, it will last you a lot longer. By the way, are there any other artists out there who ride dirt bikes, Most other artists think I'm some kind of freakish, evil bad guy when I tell them I ride. Oh well, they can go sit on their ass and eat tofu burgers while I am getting air and having too much fun.


I have a 10'x15' "Eclipse" EZ-UP, and if I had to buy another one I'd go with the 10x10. The 10x15 is HUGE, very heavy, and a real pain to put up by yourself.

On the good side, the thing will last you a long time, as I've had mine for almost ten years now. I have had to replace many of the legs and roof supports from strong wind gusts blowing the thing across the race track. Also, the canopy is easily repairable (it WILL tear over time). I usually get mine fixed at a place in Newport Beach that repairs sail boat sails.

I now use a bucket I fill with rocks or a couple 45lb. plates to hold the thing to the ground.

I'm a cheap skate, I only payed 99 bux for my quik shade 10 x 10 and its going on 3 years now. the frame still works great, the top is getting tattered with a few small holes in the corners. I fiqure it has another racing season in it so I feel I got my moneys worth out of it. Hell, now that I think about it its gone through 4 new bikes so I more than got my moneys worth.


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