Riding with Jeff Stanton

Hello All,

Anyone who would be willing to take a Tuesday or a Thursday off and travel to southern Michigan to ride with Jeff Stanton and many other occasional guest pro's...read on.

For anyone who didn't already know, Jeff Stanton has opened a public practice track called Stanton Country in Sherwood, MI which is just north of Sturgis. The track is located about 40 minutes north of the I80-I90 toll road in Indiana.

It is a long, winding track with small to pro level jumps. The soil has natural mulch mixed in to help hold moisture and Jeff and his crew are out there all day watering, removing rocks, etc. and then he gets on his bike and comes out and rides with everybody for the last hour or two.

Yesterday, I was there and Nick Wey was there riding his YZ but the big news this week was that Ryan Hughes showed up on the monster CR450! With all the riders back to the east coast now it's hard to say from week to week who might show up next.

I was speaking with Jeff yesterday and believe it or not he is not getting enough participation at only $10 per rider for a four hour session from 4pm to 8pm EST. Four hours may not seem like a long time but let me assure you that when I get done riding there I feel like I got my butt kicked good. Usually the little bikes get about a half hour to themselves on the track but the rest of the time is open riding. Jeff has went as far as to say that he will keep it open as long as he breaks even but doesn't want to run a losing effort. The track is so long that yesterday there were just over 100 riders there and I never felt crowded on the track once. By the way yesterday was a record day for him. Usually there are about 40-60 riders there but we hope to get this up to around 100 each practice day.

So if you are interested in riding with a former champion that is a way down to earth guy and an inspiration to me and many others start thinking about it.

I will be posting contact information as well as a schedule in the next day or two so keep your eyes open. His next open riding will be in about two weeks and I will post the info long before that.

I hope none of you see this as spam because I get nothing for doing this except possibly keeping the best practice track I have ever been to open. Additionally Jeff did not ask me to do this nor does he know I am even doing it. Just trying to keep a good thing going.

See Ya,



Pretty fly for a fat guy!

2001 YZ426 in the garage

2002 CR450F in October :)

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I met Jeff Stanton about 10 years ago. When he was in his prime. I thought he was a dick. It does sound good to ride with some of the other guys though.....


Hey give us some low down on the CR-450, what did you think.



I don't know what the scenario was waaay back then but I can assure you that Jeff is anything other than you described now. If you are ever interested, let me know and I will go up there with you and introduce you to one of the most down to earth moto stars you have ever met.

Fellow Old Timer,

I didn't spend much time around the bike at all because Ryan was being bombarded by the kids as it was. However, here are a few observations:

On The Track:

The first thing I noticed was how flickable the bike looked in the air. I saw Ryno make some extreme adjustments including bunny hopping a jump that I had never seen anyone else do including Stanton, Wey, and Larocco. It's amazing how some of the pro riders "see" obstacles so differently from others.

I saw Ryno dump it in corners on two different occasions. The first time he got up two kicks, the second fall one kick. Very encouraging on the automatic decomp/hot start. :)

The third thing I noticed was the raw, powerful sound that the engine made while standing behind it under accereration. I also did not hear any dead bog like I hear on a lot of YZ's. I will be comparing very closely to Ferry's YZ this weekend at Red Bud. I will have unlimited track access this weekend so I will find some key areas to stand and make a sound comparison.

In The Pits:

When Ryno came in from his 45 minute parade of a practice session, the first thing I did was walk over and feel the clutch cover. The reason I did this is that the Honda engineers are claiming that the dual sump system will keep the clutch oil cooler because it is not used to lube the top end. Sounded logical but I wanted to see for myself. I was surprised to learn that after 45 minutes of ABUSE his cover was cooler than mine after only 25 minutes of the same.

Another thing I noticed was that the valve cover is considerably smaller than that of the YZ. With only having one cam compared to two and seemingly no oil carried high in the frame on the CRF I would conclude that some of that high center of gravity and gyroscopic forces might not be present reducing the amount of force it takes to lay the bike over in the corner compared to the YZ. Until recently I also had an '01 YZ250 and that was one of the things I noticed the most when I switched back and forth from one bike to the other.

I also like the idea of not using Ti valves on the exhaust side. I have had three YZ400/426's now and this is the first year I have had to make any valve adjustments. The exhaust valves were out of spec after 4 months of riding.

I will say that the frame seems slightly narrower than the second generation CR frame. Very trick looking.

The rear hub is SMALL as is the rear brake caliper. Also, the bike sported the new rear master cylinder with the reservoir incorporated.

The muffler on Ryno's bike looked substantially shorter than the one's on the Honda website with a cap (no stinger).

Also, anyone getting a new Honda next year, the new Throttle Jockey (Woody) kit looks like quality stuff as usual. I had good luck with their kit on my '97 CR250. That was about the only thing I liked about that bike. :D

Well, that's about all I can think of. I hope this gives all you future 450 owners a little "fix" :D:D:D




Pretty fly for a fat guy!

2001 YZ426 in the garage

2002 CR450F in October :D


Hey thanks alot for the report. I've been wanting to hear from someone whos seen the bike , other than the mag. reports. I will get to see the bike at Washougal and I can't wait to get my own evaluation, thanks again.


00-YZ426 also in the garage

02-CR450 also in Oct.

I've been trying to get down there since it opened last year but I haven't made it yet. Been busy but it's only about 40 minutes away.

Everyone Buy the Honda! I have an 01' 426 that is six months old and the lower end exploded after only three races and practice.The dealer and yamaha have not been willing to help. The only leverage I have that there are two dealers in my area and the guys in the fire department I work with are going to buy four bikes in the future and I can promise that they will buy at the "other" place. I love the 426 but I am venting about dropping 6000.00 on a bike and then 20hrs. later putting another 1000.00 into it. Sorry guys I'm just frustrated with the customer service.

I am sure Honda will prodice a nice product. I would be willing to bet that the bike Honda puts in the showroom will be substantially different from what Hughes is racing. That is what Yamaha did and Honda is no different when it comes to the marketing aspect of a new bike.

Henry's YZ400 was basically the same bike but the engine was modified in ways we would never want our engine. Henry's bike had all kinds of trick factory secret stuff on it and I am sure Hughes' bike is secretely modified also. I guess we'll have to wait and see what is released to us mortals!!


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