I do a good bit of trail riding in Alabama, and some Harescrambles. Can someone suggest a pipe to increase low and mid. Thanks, Kirk

Larry Roeseler's Stroker Fourstroke Speed Equipment seels a great low to mid set up. Here is their site www.strokerspeed.com, I have used just the headpipe and stok muffler as well as the headpipe and Stroker muffler.

To be honest with you, the stock muffler is a very good one so you might want to try the headpipe first.


kirk, I live in muscle shoals AL, where do you ride at?we ride in west point TN most of the time.I was wondering about Kentuck orv trail in Talladega,is it a good place to ride?what kind of riding is it? that is if you've been there!


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

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