applied triple clamps install

My triple clamps are going to come in this week and im curious to know if anyone has install directions? Am i going to be able to save the stem bearing?

did you get just the upper clamp or bottom and top? if its just the top you will remove your handle bars, but can keep your cables, levers etc. attatched and just lay the bars out of the way. then you will loosen your fork pinch bolts and your steering stem nut and slide the clamp off the top. reverse the processs for install. if your replacing the bottom clamp to you will need to remove your front wheel and forks, then take off your steering stem nut and slide the bottom clamp with stem out the bottom and top clamp off the top. then for install if your clamps dont come with a new stem press your stock stem out through the bottom of the clamp (bearing will come off with it) then press the stem up through the bottom of the new clamp and then press the bearing back onto the stem. if you dont have a press your local shop can probably help you out with this for very little cash or possibly free. then reverse your steps and your good to go!

enjoy the new clamps!

awesome i was hoping i could save the lower bearing becasue its newer. thanks

Does anyone think that 24mm offset would make a difference in handling on my 06?

The stock offset is 25mm.

When Applied settled on the 24's, it was the result of blind testing by A, B, and pro level riders on otherwise identical '06 YZ450's. None of the clamps were labeled, and they were covered so they couldn't be seen. At the end of the day, the collective favorite was the 24mm offset.

It was also Doug Dubach's choice for his own '06. How much difference it makes, I can't really say, as I haven't tried a set myself.

OKay thank you

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