2011 Stock bar bend

Hey all. Had a strap break on the way to the track this weekend. Bike came off and was drug under the trailer for about 200'. Really, really not cool :) . I only have maybe 3 hours on the bike.

Anyway, I am starting the task of replacing parts today, and in looking at the bars I am wondering what the stock bend is. I only have about 3 rides on the bike and do not want to change the bend of the bars. I was looking on the motosport site, and the Pro Taper bars list a "YZ High" bend. Does anyone know if these are the same as the stock?

It cost nearly double to buy the bars from Yamaha, so would like to avoid that.


The OEM bend is proprietary. It is also very low, and most ride tests of YZ's in general tend to favor replacing them with something taller. I seem to recall that the YZ High is about 77mm, whereas the stock bars are closer to 72-74. I run the PT Windham bend on my '06, and I'm 5'10". The Henry/Reed bend may work for you if you move the clamps to one of the forward positions.

Thank you Gray. I am returning to MX after 9 years of being a MX Dad, and to tell you the truth, I really struggled the first time back on the track. Odds are, I could throw any bar on there and not notice the difference, but I am trying to limit the changes I make until I get a better feel for the bike.

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