running without the headlight

Fired off this question to Yamaha UK technical support, via my local main stealer

Reply back form Yamaha, was that it will cause issues

They said if I wanna remove headlight, then I will need a resistor wired in to replicate the headlight resistance.

apparently, the <07 WR's that have the headlight switch have a resistor built into the switch which takes the load when the power to the bulb is cut

Managed to get a headlight of fleabay, so its all academic now anyway

How many years does it take to cause an issue since mine has been off with the switch for about 5 years and 8,000 kms of riding! Not sure when the problem is going to show up !!!! Good Luck with your new light.

WR Dave

re-read the above post

If you have an on - off switch, according to the information i was given you won't have an issue, so its not going to show up!

The +07's have the headlight wired on all the time running directly off the stator, have no headlight switch

My son's 06 WR 450 did not come with a switch either. He wanted the bike to look more like a YZ so I made a new bracket to move the headlight in and put a number plate in front of it. I also wired in a switch so that if it gets dark out he pulls one pin to remove the number plate and then flips a swtich to turn on the light. It has been running that way for about one year now with out any problems.2006WR450F4-1-2011016.jpg

Not sure what happend to the first photo so here it is.2006WR450F4-1-2011002.jpg

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