Changing Front Sprocket

Hey All,

I am going to change my front sprocket today. Is there any trick to swapping them out? I heard there is a tough to remove/replace snap ring...





Nope, it's actually pretty easy. There is a bendable washer thought, it's just used to smash up against the nut to keep it from turning. It's recommended that you replace it each time you change out your front sprocket, I didn't change mine the first time, but wont use it more than twice.


Bend the washer so you can get a socket on the nut. I like to stand on the right side of the bike, put a foot on the brake pedal (to keep the wheel from turning) and bust the nut loose. The same goes for installation.

Enjoy, yzernie

If you use an impact on the nut I recommend holding the rear brake on at the same time so that you don't slam the tranny around as much. :)



Pretty fly for a fat guy!

2001 YZ426 in the garage

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An impact wrench works nicely for this job.

Loosen the rear wheel and take the chain off the rear sprocket to give you some slack (AFTER you have loosened the countershaft sprocket nut).

And put the chain back on the rear sprocket BEFORE you tighten the countershaft sprocket nut.

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Thanks Everyone!

The back brake trick with a regular old socket did it. I got the new 13 tooth front on and tested it a bit last night. What an improvement! (in my opinion) I can go quite a bit slower without bogging and I have LOTS of wheel lifting torque.

New o-ring chain makes it quiet and I don't have half the chain slap...


Off to Foresthill this weekend to test it more intensly (sp?)

Thanks again...I don't know what I'd do if I had to take the bike in for every little thing.


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