Zip Ty Fuel Screw

I was curious what is the general opinion about these statements made on TT, as there are a lot of people using a Zip Ty Racing fuel screw. This statement below concerns me, and I would like to know if this is of no concern to you?

Aluminum is very soft (softer than brass)

There have been many cases of the tip on the aluminum screws jamming and breaking off in the fuel screw seat, not good.

There are also a lot of instances where the tip is not machined well. Stock tip is straight and round, some of the alloy ones I have seen are tapered! This messes up the pilot jetting, often requiring one to three sizes smaller pilot. On top of that because they are tapered, they are very sensitive to being set right and a general PITA.

Also, I noticed some wrote (grayracer) that you would recommend that someone reuse the OEM spring... Does this also mean reuse the washer and oring? Get new ones or use the one that comes with the new zip ty fuel screw? Very much appreciated!!!!

While there are some extended fuel screws on the market that are not made well enough to work well, and while it's inarguable that brass is a better material for the purpose, I have had no problems whatsoever with the Zip-Ty fuel screws (3 of them) I own or have owned except for the spring.

The ZT spring just doesn't work very well, so I recommend the use of the OEM spring. I don't recall that the ZT came with either the washer or O-ring, so yes, I reused both of those. They are necessary.

My OEM fuel screws were tapered as I recall. If I think about it enough, I might look at one tonight. When the manual states that the screw is to be turned X distance out from fully seated, it does not mean that the screw should be tightened at all, and in fact, it's not absolutely necessary to even snug it. Just determine where the bottom of the hole is. If you don't torque them down, there's not much risk of them sticking in the seat.

PN's for the OEM spring, washer and O-ring are:

3TJ-14562-40-00 O-RING

3TJ-14952-40-00 WASHER

3TJ-14160-40-00 COIL, SPRING

This is exactly what I thought. Thank you very much for your time! :)

I have a moose racing (made by zip ty) fuel screw on my 450 and never have had a problem with it

I just spoke with a representative from Zip Ty racing and he said the fuel screw has been redesigned with a greater number of threads and spring has more tension. Previously he said that the screw would take around 4 to 4.5 turns to fall out, its been revised with 9 threads. He said the spring that comes with the screw has more tension than the OEM screw. He recommends using the spring that comes with the screw.

Gray - Is your experience with the obsolete design?

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Yes, but....

In fairness, I have to say up front that I haven't seen the new spring. The old one was slightly shorter than the OEM, but had a higher spring rate, so once compressed, it had more tension than the OEM. But it didn't hold the screw well. Use your best judgement.


The new updated spring is the same size as the OEM spring but much beefier. This thing was stiff with a lot more wounds if that makes sense. There is no way this thing is going to fall out, turned in all the way and backed out 2 turns this thing is rock solid. Yay for Zip ty, and their customer service was pretty amazing.

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