20 inch front wheel

Had a chance to ride a BRP with a 20 inch front wheel down in Baja last week.

What an amazing difference. It was a BIG improvement when cornering, or when riding along a trail at an angle. It significantly changed the whole geometry of the bike. Instead of constantly trying to keep weight over the front wheel for traction, my riding position was significantly pitched forward. I wasnt scrambling to get up on the tank or over the front end around slippery corners.

I couldnt find any down side to the mod-other than the front tire choice would be slightly less. Not sure if they make heavy duty 20" tubes, either. But a really cool mod that i will will consider next time i change rims...I hear Johnny goes with 20 inchers as well...hmmmm



How was it in the sand ?

Seemed to go fine thru the sand. Tire was a 739 Dunlop, so no issues with sand...not sure how it would do in woops, or bigger rock gardens....

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