Moving Up !!

Hooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa my first top 10 finish in last saturdays cross country - placed 9'th with 1 gas pit stop and 2 minute water break. Not so many contestants - 36 but I'll take it. I am so full of aches & pains I can barely walk.

The test lap revealed a bog at 1/4/ 1/3 throttle - I did a quick pre race needle drop and it improved performance greatly - not great but better than average: the issue I had to cork up my stroker to pass a sound test and having also switched from a JD red needle to the blue (hadnt ridden in weeks and the temp plummetted) at the same time it wasn't ideal - I dropped the needle one notch on the clip and 'voila', near perfect.

After that the bike didn't miss a stroke, except for very occasional over-revving on idle which surprised me going into a couple of corners but which mysteriosly cleared itself up. Otherwise, loads of clean power right through the power band.

Didnt stall once and only fell of once on the 15'th lap (finished with 16 laps).

I improved my riding speed & technique no end by following the better riders (for a while at least). The biggest issue I had was with the corners, but my brain told me if the better riders can get grip, so can I it must be technique & pure balls. Well, technique is one thing for sure, but I found that I did have slightly bigger pair than I thought. It is amazing how these bikes hook up, but my physical strength & fitness let me down in the end: I could almost hang with some of the better guys for a couple of minutes but had to back off due to fatigue. Amazing how they keep up that speed for 3 hours.

Also, really managed to ride the berms taking good advantage from them for the first time. Wow. Talk about catapulting out of corners compared to not using them !

Unfortunately I wont be racing again this year as my work & other priorities get in the way. As Arnie says...."I'll be back" year.

Oh by the way Big blue in 400/426 and 450 versions by far outnumbered any other type of bike !



I cant get the images up...they appear in edit mode (sometimes) and the disappear. What am I doing wrong ?


Here ya go, maybe. I copied the URL from the properties of the picture istead of at the top of the page. By the way Good Job.


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