Did some dual-sporting this weekend

I went on my anuall dual sport ride up in ME this weekend, and last year using my stock YZ450 posed a few issues. First and foremost was lack of fuel. This year I scored a Clarke 2.6 gallon tank. I also bumped my gearing up to 14/49 to reduce cruising rpm's. It was about 65F, and my jetting is slightly richer than stock. After a days riding I was able to compile some data given the milage readings on my GPS. I did a total of 67 miles, average speed was 41 mph, and my top speed was 78 mph. At the end of my ride still had a couple quarts of fuel left. So im guessing approx 31 mpg . Keep in mind my goal was extended fuel milage so I was very smooth easy on the throttle therefore minimising useless wheelspin. I did approx 5 miles of technical slow speed rock trails and the rest was mostly higher speed gravel roads. I'm also not sure my GPS accurately kept track of my true miles traveled because GPS's inherantly get a weak signal in the thick woods. But I know the subject of "how far can you go on a tank of fuel" with a YZ450 a rider can travel has come up severall times. So here's some data you can absorb. Lastly, I really was pleased with the Clarke 2.6 tank, it was a greatly needed larger capacity tank, yet did not feel "wide and porky" . The fit was excellent as well. The Clarke bolted on cleanly and all the plastic and seat fit excellent.

disclaimer: Do NOT assume you will achieve the same milage as me ! The golden rule, gas up at EVERY opportunitity when dual sport riding ! :)

Nice review!

Either have a large tank or...

ride with you buddies that do!

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