Cycra decal templates for 2010-2012 YZ450F.

I was wondering where you can get the decal templates for the cycra radiator shrouds and cover, and the stadium front number plate for the 2010-2012 Yamaha YZ450F? I have not gotten a response from Cycra, as I would like to obtain these for my local decal guy. Does anyone have a local or large company(Decal Works) decal person that has these templates instead of having to put on the stock type sticker(doesn't quite fit)? I like these shrouds a lot better than stock, and would like to get some custom graphics made for them with decals that fit well.

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Somebody has to have this same problem, any solutions?

Somebody has to have this same problem, any solutions?

Try Impulse graphics. They make them. Google Impulse graphics

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I got mine from decal works, the tank piece didn't line up correctly so they are sending me a corrected set..

Thank you, if nothing else I would buy the template to give to my decal guy.

Take the parts in to him,get him to scan the parts at full size,create an outline from the scan, and work your design from there.

Impluse Graphx.

They added another guy working for them now so graphics get done in a day or 2 now.

Thank you for the replys and info fellas, this really does help me. I just didnt know who made these to custom fit the cycra shrouds.

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