New to us YZ

Picked up an '05 YZ450F for my brother yesterday. Bike was a really good deal and in great condition. Perfect for him to go out and beat up. Bike has enzo suspension, FMF Ti Powercore and Powerbomb, GPR stabalizer and new Maxxis tires. Bike runs strong and my brother and dad are pumped on it.


My brother can't quite get it kicked over yet. He needs to learn to finesse more and jam it home less


Cool bike, I'm sure your brother is stoked!

BTW, I wouldn't recommend trying to start it with thin shoes and bare shins...He'll get thrashed if it kicks back...I've seen it tear right through soles, and have seen plenty of bloody shins...And have heard of people who actually lacerate or break their foot...I watch and cringe with morbid delight when people try to start their bike with flip flops on...

Hahaha funny you should say that.

My dad and I both told him the same exact thing. He's way smarter than both of us put together because he's a teenager and Im sure you know what Im talking about.

Needless to say it only took one slip and that beautifully angry 450 kickback to convince him the boot was the way to go.

Well went pretty much how I expected haha. I was following him just trying not to run him over video is on my Contour 1080GPS thanks again Contour for taking care of me and sending me one of these bad boys :smashpc:

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