Clutch installation

So I just finished getting my basket and inner hub in, what a pain the basket was, haha took me forever to figure out how to get it lined up right with the gears. But I am now ready to start installing my plates. My question is does it matter which way they go in? For instance I noticed one side has numbers on them so does that side need to be face down or facing out towards me and on the steel plates do they ned to go in sharp side down our the other way? And is there anything else I ned to know? New to wrenching so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some bikes do have directional fiber plates, and sometimes some steel plates are thicker than the rest, etc...On your bike however, it doesn't matter...Just put the fibers all with the numbers facing the same side (doesn't matter which way) and put the all the steel plates with the sharp edge facing out...

BTW, there is debate on which is better, sharp side facing out or in, doesn't really matter as long as they're facing the same way, but some people who's knowledge I respect swear that the basket grooves less and the clutch works smoother if the sharp edge faces out...

And next time if the gears don't line up easily, you can slowly move the kick starter with your hand to get it to line up better, don't force anything, it'll slide right in when it's lined up...

Ok thanks I really appreciate it. And ya I figured out the kick starter thing putting the basket in after I was messing with it a bit.but once I figured that out it dropped right in.

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