2012 wr450f is revealed! With fi!

Interesting they're still using the older motor. Wonder why that is?

What about Yamaha's 250 that has EFI? This is a dual sport model I believe.

The YZ250F for 2012 is still carbureted. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially when you look at the blue bikes that were in the front of the pack at the start of the Nationals this season.

So much want...

May be the coolest thing I've seen all day:jawdrop::)

I need one:awww: to take home

Interesting they're still using the older motor. Wonder why that is?

What about Yamaha's 250 that has EFI? This is a dual sport model I believe.

The YZ250F for 2012 is still carbureted. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially when you look at the blue bikes that were in the front of the pack at the start of the Nationals this season.

That is the 250X, not the 250F. It's a piece of crap tank with a bolt together frame....

I hear that Yamaha has a fuel mod and cam upgrade that should take the HP from 43 to 50hp.. Congrats to Yamaha, they did a great job. That 5 valve head and engine are strong and powerful.. :)

I think I spotted!!!:)

Sweeeeeet!!! :)

Can't wait to see a ride report on it.

Just judging from that pic,,, not sure what I think of the new "look". I dunno, might just be the angle of the pic or something. Headlight looks like it has a nice big reflector so it might actually work for night rides. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for the post! :)

But will it be imported to US? And will it be street legal?

But will it be imported to US? And will it be street legal?

Yes, as a US green sticker model. Will not be Street legal in the USA.

But you knew that was not going to happen, anyway.

The single-cylinder, 449cc, five-valve powertrain gets a reworked fuel-injection system intended to give ’more responsive and adaptable performance’, while a new ‘bilateral’ aluminium beam frame is almost 250-size in a bid to give quicker steering and sharper handling.

To match the frame, new slimline bodywork is also claimed to be to 250-class dimensions while the overall look is refreshed with new black Excel wheel rims, Pro-Taper bars and a new headlight cowl.

A ‘Competition Kit’ will also be available for riders using the bike in closed course enduros. It comprises race-spec exhaust, including silencer and tail pipe, 13/50 sprocket set and other items.

Following its successful introduction alongside its 2011 YZ450F motocrosser, for 2012 Yamaha is also offering WR450F riders the option of buying its ‘Power Tuner’, which enables bikes fitted with the competition kit to adjust the engine mapping to suit conditions.

But will it be imported to US? And will it be street legal?

Yes and no

So much for buying a 2011! Looks good!

I hate when you go out and buy a 2011,and soon after the better 2012 comes out with FI.The new WR looks sick, just like a YZF in fact and sent me bug eyed.

pretty sure that second link is Italian :)

anxious to see what it weighs being a bit taller and adding FI ...

The only advantage I can see over the current bike is FI (maybe) and the suspension.

Those YZ250F shrouds look like shite...parts bin engineering at it's best. i was really looking forward to the rearward facing cylinder.

Oh well, only 50 hours on my current bike. Can get another season or two out of it.

KTM's are starting to look interesting again.


Italian Translation:

Yamaha WR-F, a born-in engine capacity of 400cc, back in 1998. Since then street, or rather, off-road, it did, until, today, 30% of the enduro models sold in Europe, North America and Australia in the displacement of 450cc.

For 2012, Yamaha has reviewed the electronic fuel injection (fully adjustable) to make the 5-valve single cylinder engine more responsive and flexible, and the frame, more compact, aluminum twin spar. Then change the lines, leaner, and blacks have new Excel rims, Pro Taper handlebars and new grille.


The engine has been confirmed, the 449 cc single cylinder 4-stroke, 5-valve, DOHC liquid-cooled, but now introduced the new, advanced electronic fuel injection.

This is programmed to vary from moment to moment its setting, to suit different circumstances, such as the weather and altitude. Yamaha's engineers have installed a series of miniature sensors that detect information about the throttle position, intake air pressure, air pressure, the number of engine and cooling temperature. Of course the data is sent to the unit that once analyzed the data, calculates the optimum volume of injection and the ignition advance. He then decided to adopt the same injection pump of the YZ-F models, particularly light and compact.


The main objective of Yamaha's designers was to improve the handling. For this reason we decided to give the frame more compact forms of derivation YZ250F, with the two beams that run from the steering head to the engine, to offer a number of significant advantages over the previous year. Unlike some traditional models, the new twin spar perimeter frame is made from a unique combination of extruded aluminum parts, and die-forged, welded together to create a structure with an ideal rigidity balance.

This was accomplished with a number of specific dedicated enduro, such as variations in shape and thickness of various components, the new design of the engine mounting brackets and the frame, made of a new league. The wheelbase is 1,475 mm with 25 mm less than the previous with a tilt of the steering head 27 degrees and trail of 115 mm, the new WR450F offers a sense of excellence and agility, combined with a excellent behavior in the grip of the wheel in front and rear traction.

Of course, the suspension has been revised in the calibration, and cartridges with air and oil separate 48 mm stanchions. Obviously the calibration hydraulic monoshock suspension has spring rate and developed specifically for the needs of enduro riders.

The tank, of innovative design, has a capacity of 7.2 liters (1 liter more than YZ450F), ensuring a good battery and the trails in the race of the weekend. A touch of practicality: the light that is part of the instrument warns the driver when the tank are 2 liters.


Given the slimmer frame, the House of the Three Diapason has also decided to review the plastics, now sharper profile, and with slight air intakes that channel it directly into the radiators. The side panels of the new design accentuate the feeling of lightness. The new grille and taillight LEDs add as many touches of class to a bike that is the new benchmark for performance and style.

Finally, the seat height has been reduced to 960 mm, 30 mm less than the previous model.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are now new rims and blacks Excel Pro Taper handlebars as standard.


For the new 2012 WR450F will be provided, included in the Kit Competition for the preparation, which includes a series of racing-specific components, including exhaust (resonator that is designed to optimize the effect of resonance in the intake system and unloading), silencer, terminal, set pinion-crown 13/50 and other components.

Among the latter is expected the Power Tuner, a "tool" that serves to precisely regulate the volume of injection and the advance, to suit the specific conditions of the road or to bring the supply to their driving style, without the help of your PC to act on the mapping. You can then set different mappings, where each "step" is a variation of 3% in the volume of injection, with a range that goes from -21% to +21% compared to the standard mapping. Similarly, you can select the Power Tuner 14 "step" advance different and each represents a 1% change. In total, the pilot has at its disposal a range of variation of the advance from -9 ° to +4 ° to the factory settings.


The new radiator provides excellent heat dissipation and is more durable, thanks to a design that provides consistent performance even under the toughest conditions, like the features at low speeds where the airflow is reduced. Used for the first time on the latest YZ250F, the radiator is resistant to vibration due to a more robust, longer life and is also ensured by the new 3-point mounting system, which replaces the previous 2 points.

Finally, to accommodate the new fuel injection system, the 2012 WR450F has a new high capacity alternator, three phase. To help you kick start in case of damage to the battery, the bike's electrical system was added a capacitor.

I think its great that Yamaha finally upgraded the WR while the other 3 received BNG or were dropped completely. I also like the fact that they kept the reliable 5 valve design and added FI. They also adressed one of the biggest drawbacks compared to Honda, and gave it the SSS forks:banana:. WooHoo!!! I know Honda will be back with the 450X and it will be interesting to see how the two compare. Competition is good for everyone.

Six months ago I was seriously considering bying a new/leftover WR but grew tired of dealers still wanting almost full retail for them. I ended up finding a nice used 07 and figured it would save me some money and fill the gap until the next generation is released. Now I will probably wait a year or two and then look into the FI model. I'm a desert rider and I need some time for the aftermarket to release bigger tanks, stabilizer mounts etc, etc. In the mean time, I will enjoy my new to me 07 and save some $$$$ for what looks to be a killer new bike!! Good job Yamaha, just don't forget that its OK to make updates unlike the 07-11's :):thumbsup::)

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