04 yz450 build questions.

So I picked up my 04 yz450 in june and it is a little rough so my plan was to ride it till winter and get use to it being that it my first bike and its a little too big for me (5'8 135lbs). I have grown to like the bike a lot and its about time to start the break down. But what I really am thinking about doing is making it street legal. So what's the best stator to buy. I have looked on ricky stator and they have the wr450 stator but not the yz's. What mods would it take to use it? Thanks.

I've seen at least 40 threads on the street legal topic in the last month. Surely you can do some searching

I have been doing research all day and there are only three stators I can find there's the one from electrexusa.com but that one only put out 35w and then there are moose and electrosport which from all the forums I have read they are worthless from what everbody is saying. If anybody has actually used these and can say different please do but if somebody can point me in a different direction that would help.

They all come from the same place , there good for about 20 watts @ 5000RPM.

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