1999 yz400 issues

so the bike was stored for a long time appearantly and didnt run. gas was bad and it needed some tlc. so i drained and replaced the gas. changed alll the oil and tried to start the bike. well after alot of kicking it finall would run and ran well. only had it on about 10 mins and shut it off. mind you the thing wouldnt idle regaurdless of where the idle screw was. so that was 3 days ago. yesterday i go out and change the clutch cable then try to start the bike and it wont start. gas is dripping outta the overflow pretty quick and it just wont go. i do the typical early model 400 kick procedure. top dead center than kick. wondering why after sitting so long then starting for me, it could be harder a few days later. input would be great. thanks

If it has sat for long the carb will need a good cleaning. Gas leaking out of the float bowl would indicate the float is sticking or the float needle is worn. One thing you can do is get a carb rebuild kit, it will include all new jets, needles and orings.

It's likely you have a clogged pilot jet. I'd start there. Get the PJ out of the carb, soak it in a little carb cleaner, then take a strand of very fine wire (strip the insulation from a 2-inch length of wire, and use a single strand to clean out all the passages in the PJ). This will likely fix the starting problem.

awesome spending my saturday on the carb then. thanks guys. let u know how it goes.

Mine sat for quite a while too,had all the same issues.I've had the carb off over 5 times.Completely stripped,cleaned and blew out all the passages with compressed air.It's not spitting or popping anymore since I put in the stock main jet,I ordered a pilot but they sent the wrong one and I believe that is the only reason mine won't idle.By the way search for the "taffy mod". I did it and have no more bog on the bottom.

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