On the WR450

Has anyone changed to a different battery?

If so which one?

Mine does not seem to hold a charge very well.


I haven't heard of any 450s holding a charge very well if you use it often. Unless you're crashing every 15 feet though, that shouldn't be a problem. My kickstarter has much better success than the e-start anyway.

I haven't had any issues with my battery not holding a charge. Never charged it at all. Not once. Not even from the factory. A lot of guys have had some battery issues but honestly, I haven't. My bro-in-law hasn't had an issue with his at all either. We both picked ours up in January of this year and we use the E-start all the time! :)

Yeah thats weird. I leave my ignition on alot accidentally. It sits for a while and it always starts great. I hope I dont run inot any problems. The more I ride this thing, the more I love it. The W is great!!! :):D :D

I've had battery issues ,i had to charge it 3or4 times.I had to buy a battery tender for it bacause the big charger did not work but the tender did.It seams to be holding a charge now it's been 2 weeks and still holding. :)

no battery issues with mine. I keep it on a trickle charger between rides. :)

No problems with mine either :D I leave the switch on all the time and ity usually still starts with the e-start :D And on the rare occasion that is doesn't the kick starter fires the beast up and it is charged by the time i stop. :)

I leave the switch on mine all the time by accident. It still starts on the first crank everytime. The problem my be that -From what I have heard- the 450 has the same starter as the 250. As you know, the 450 has a lot more motor to turn over. Just thought. My 250 has never had a battery problem and I have left my ignition on overnight! I am too stupid sometimes! :D:):D

I left my on all last week and when i went to ride on sunday it was DEAD. So i kicked it all day and 3hr of riding and it was charged up.

No issues here. I have not needed a trickle charger or anything else. I have left the bike sitting for more than two weeks (bummer) and the battery held its charge just fine. A trickle charger is no doubt a good idea though - especially as we head into colder months.

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