Help getting my FMF slipped on...

OK, whats the trick? Tried putting my new FMF Power Core IV on my '06 WR450 and it won't slide onto the stock header pipe. Can get it about an 1/8" on but it needs to travel about another 1 1/4" inches to be all of the way on.

Applied heat to the slip on, that didn't help, banged on it with a rubber mallet that didn't work, whats next?

Are you sure you have the right pipe? Could it be for the YZ? I know that the YZ's have a larger headpipe than the WR's, but I'm not sure when they changed. You need to double check your part #'s because something doesn't sound right. There shouldn't be that much force needed for a pipe that is considered a "slip on".

Yep, something is not right. It caused me to abort the Reno 200 on the WR so I will be riding my KLR instead. The O.D. of the head pipe is very near the ID of the slip on. I was not aware the YZ had a larger head pipe which mine could be, I am not the original owner.

Won't get to it till next week now.



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