WR 450 Head light is bright, tail light very dim

I have experienced a lighting issue on my '04 WR450 as of late. On my last ride my battery didn't seem to be getting charged so I had to kick it to life whenever shutting down. Later I noticed that my tail light was very dim, almost couldn't see it, but the head light was full bright.

When I got home from riding over Hagerman Pass in CO with the girls I did a little trouble shooting. I checked all connections and charged the battery. All connections appear to be fine. After the battery took its charge and I started up the bike via electric start. The head light was full bright and after removing the tail light cover the filament on the bulb was was lightly glowing. I tried a few other bulbs with no change. I then disconnect the headlamp and the tail light when to full bright.

Looking through my manual it looks like I should start by testing the AC magneto and then the rectifier/regulator if the magneto check out ok. I am no electrical guru, but I can do most basic/general repairs. Should I just take the bike to a shop and get it fixed or just borrow a voltage tester and go from there. Replacing the magneto or rectifier looks pretty straight forward.

Wondering if anyone has had similar situations or has any advice.



The manual is pretty straightforward for testing the stator and regulator/ rectifier. The other items that I would check is the light switch to ensure that it is working properly and ensure that the wires to the tail light are not broken and grounding on the frame. Testers are pretty cheap and a necessary tool when troubleshooting.

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