How reset odometer

Please don't tell me I have to roll that odometer with the little knob ALL the way back to zero??

If that's the case I'll use a drill.

I have a 2002 WR426 for sale-registered/tag (Road legal-somewhat) very clean, never raced, lots of extras. What's a good price?

Okay, I won't tell you.

Please don't tell me I have to roll that odometer with the little knob ALL the way back to zero??

OK, I wont! I had a Kawasaki and it only went to 99, then back to zero, after my first ride with my WR 426, I had 56 miles, naturally, I figured I'm over the halfway mark and would roll it towards 100, be faster to get it to zero that way. Well, not paying attention, the WR has an extra digit in there, so it went "100" and I decided I'd go back 100 miles to zero. My hand was tired!

i usually don't reset mine. i just see what it was before i start riding and just see what it is when i am done. plus i like keeping all the miles on it so i know when to change the oil and do other check ups. and my hand starts cramping after spinnin that thing for so long!


I've wanted to ask this question many times but figured I was missing something easy and would get raked over the coals posting the question. :):D

I'm dissappointed that Yamaha chose this item to cut corners on an otherwise top notch bike. How hard would it have been for them to affix a reset feature or use one from another model that already exists? After all is said and done, it is a minor gripe.

The quickest and easiest way is to install a Knob from a Yamaha TT-R 250. It uses the same tiny screw and the Knob size is about 3 times larger than the WR knob. On my old WR 400 it took less than a minute to reset from over 100 miles.

Jim : :)

I thought it was just me. I had a bike about 20 years ago that reset by pushing the knob in. You would think you would get that on a 6000.00+ dirt bike in 2003. :)

Throw the odometer away and buy a GPS unit like Garmin Etrex . Keeps great mileage and can be reset by pushing a button. Also doubles as a speedometer if you ever wondered how fast you were going!!!


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