Anyone using the oberg throttle tubes?

I'm thinking about getting the twister tube with dampner.I like that with this setup i can bolt my handguards right up to the bar dampners.Anyone using these? :)

Went to their website, didn't see a listing for Yamaha? To bad I would consider them. I love a smoooooooth throttle.

They have one it is part number TTB-5000 shows for the yz426-450 should be fine for the WRs. I searched around and only heard good things and think i'll order the setup.The price is steep but it's only money right. :)

I bought one and got the vibration dampners also. :) One of the things i didn't like about the fastway fit system(handgurds) is the vibration it brought back into the bars.So hopefully they will fix it.

If any of you guys want to see the setup i'll throw up some pics later. :D

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