Electric start for 98 yz400f?

Does anyone know where (and how much)I can get one?

Thanks in advance,

Jordan :)

Why do you need a electric start?

Hey JD,

The why do you nreed an electric start question was obvioslly from someone who doesn't ride the blue beast. Cut your losses, and don't waste the money on electric start for the blue bike. Sell it and buy a KTM. Then spend a little getting the suspension valved and resprung and you too will be happy :). It was the best move I ever made :D.

Now if I could just get my name changed from YZ400Court to KTM520EXCCourt.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I found a good deal on a yz400.

Happy trails,

Jordan :)

Hey KTM520EXCCourt,

You must be a lightweight! Not that the KTM isn't great, but my WR426f is MUCH easier to start then my old KX500 2-smokie.I was afraid because of what lightweights said about the bike's starting, but I have been EXTREMELY surprised about how easy it is.

Maybe 2 kicks if it's been sitting for awhile, and 1 kick while it's hot. And not a HEAVY kick, but a soft touch kick. I unfortunatly almost didn't buy the bike because of it. Maybe I'm lucky and have a good bike, but it's EASY for me to start!


Lightweight?? No. Overweight, short, c rider who crashes alot when tired, yes. I never had a problem starting the YZ, although when hot and flooded it would take soooo much out of me. It always started eventually, but I might as well have raced an extra 20 miles for what it took out of me.

It is definatly easier to push the e-button than stop eating cheeseburgers.

I would not discourage anyone from buying the YZ because it is hard to start, I just don't want to start it.

Ride blue, red, orange....just ride!! :)


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Ok, sorry about the dig KTM520EXCCourt! I agree with the short part, but not the overweight part. I'm 6'1" with a long inseam, and 280lbs, while my buddy I ride with is 6'2" but he has "stub legs" (his words not mine). He uses a bike stand to help him start his when it's cold. I'm always started and waiting for him. If your short it really is a problem. Viva la Cheesburgers!!!


YZ-400 court

You say your over weight,you get tired easy and crash alot, also the 426 took sooooo much out of you to restart hot. Im not putting you but but the e-start was the last thing you needed. Come on buddy do yourself and your loved ones a favor, put down the cheeseburger and pick up a jump rope, I dont want to read that YZ-400court died of a heart attack :-( there's too much riding out there to do.



I usually take a milk crate with me for starting at the truck, and just find a rock or something out on the trail (used to anyway).

MXOldtimer, I know I know. I've probablly lost 600 lbs in the last 10 years, unfortunatlly I put back on 700. At a svelt 325lbs I know I am at health risk, but it is kinda like people who smoke. You know it will kill you eventually but... Lack of self dicipline i guess.


We still did not awnser your question. It is too bad the archives seem to have been lost. There is a french company offering e-start for the yz, but it was over $1000.00. I'll do some digging and post back later.



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Thank you Yz400court,

Jordan :)

Do you guys know of any parts to make the yz400 easier to start?

Happy trails,

Jordan :)

Here ya go :)

I believe the cost is $1000.00 t0 $1200.00.



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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