Quick Oil Change Question Paranoid

Bike is '05 yz 450.

Drained oil and replaced filter. Put little over 1 quart back in. Started bike for 1 minute, turned bike off, waited 1 minute, checked dipstick, half full.

So I got impatient and added too much oil to top it off. So I cracked the crankcase bolt (bottom of motor) and drain out what should have been enough oil. Still way over the dipstick at the top of the frame. After waiting 5 hours the oil is still not draining out of the frame tube back to the case.

My concern is that I will drain my crankcase dry trying to get the oil level down at the dipstick.

Should I start over and drain everything using patience this time? :smashpc:

Try to drain some from the downtube drain bolt?

Oil should settle back into the case, right?

If you want to lower the oil level at the dip stick, you should drain from the drain plug in the front of the frame. Oil will slowly migrate from the frame to the sump over a period of DAYS, but in the short term, if you drain the sump, it has no effect on the oil level in the frame until you run the engine for a minute or so. Your crankcase is supposed to be nearly dry.





... and never check your oil level unless the engine has been run in the last 30 minutes or less.

That's what I was thinking. Start it up and let the oil cycle through the motor and let everything even out again. Then check. Just didn't want to run it with too much oil in it, or too little.

If it's still too much after I let it run for a minute I'll drain a little from the frame. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for taking the time grayracer!!

If it's still too much after I let it run for a minute I'll drain a little from the frame. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Correct. And read those posts.
And read those posts.

Gotcha. Good info there. :smashpc:

Had a '03 yz 450 and I thought I understood these things. Can't believe I overfilled it that much. Between the gallon jug, funnel too big and all the dog peter knats it was chaos I tell ya! :thumbsup:

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