Lowered XR650R ?

Just bought another new XR650R to set-up exclusively for Super Moto and Street. I was thinking about lowering it? I heard they cut the spring in the forks and re-valve. Not sure how to handle the rear? Do they make a lowering link? Or maybe a shock I can use from another bike?

I just had my CRF lowered 5 inches and you can't just cut the springs or shock. You must have it professionally done to ensure proper adjustment and rideability. There is a real precise geometric ratio that has to be followed when lowering a bike. If it is not setup right, the bike will be very dangerous and will not handle right. To have the proper setup, you need to have stiffer springs in the front with machined spacers and different valving and in the rear, you need at least a 380-400lb shock spring as well as a machined spacer collar to go between it. Suspension is the last thing that you want to shortcut, do it right the first time :)

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