super brakes


My last bike had drum brakes (I sat out for a few years :) ) and now with my 01' 426 the brakes seem over sensitive for my liking. I've got 2 good mx days on it, but still with one finger I can about lock the front and the rear locks if I just set the weight of my boot on it. Does anyone know of a way to give the brakes more feel (less power), especially in the back? I read that the '02 had a larger rear disk for more power and I cannot figure out who in the world could need more powerful brakes than this.


Do you think that your brakes are so sensitive now that you won't be able to adapt? Seems to me that having super strong brakes will make things easier as the moto progresses. I've never heard of anyone wishing their brakes were softer. To each his own... :)

sir- you will adapt.

You're probably right. The front doesn't really bother me too much, but the back is just sooo touchy. Oh well, another excuse to practice more! :)

I rode and raced a 98 YZ400F since the end of 97. I thought those brake were better than any YZ I have owned for the last several years. When I got the 01 426 I almost endo'd entering the first corner of practice!!

Believe it or not...Yamaha has worked hard for many years to get the brakes this way!!

As BOIT said it also makes it easier to brake at the end of the moto or a long day of riding. I had to turn the idle up a bit just to keep the rear from locking up while entering a corner. The best brakes Yamaha has had...ever.

They just take some time to get used to.


As far as the touchy rear brake you can do a couple of things. I bend my lever in so it clears the clutch cover by about 1/4 inch since the yamaha lever seems to stick way out and makes it hard to keep your foot off of it when you don't want to hit it. The second thing is you can adjust the height of the lever. I put mine so it is about level with the top of the footpeg but you can run it lower and this will make it easier to control. Pull the pin where the lever attaches to the master cylinder and break the top nut loose then you can screw the connector(to the brake lever, it captures the nut so you don't need a wrench to move it) up to lower the lever and down to raise it. Then lock the top nut down again. You can adjust the front lever too. If you have small hands you may want to move it in a little.

You can also experiment with different pads. I am running EBC MXS pads which are a little sronger than stock but have more feel at lockup. I also routed the front line like a honda and used a braided steel line, but this makes them more grabby. You can try some other aftermarket pads and they may reduce the power a bit. You will probably get used to it though, as you can tell I have been trying to make mine stronger and I may consider a larger rotor at some point, but I like very strong brakes.

Good luck,


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