smog pump

I just bought a new 2002 650r. I uncorked yesterday

runs great. if i remove the smog pump will it help

2002xr650r stock (uncorked)

It will weigh less which =s a good thing!

it cut off on me once or twice and backfired.

i thought it might be the smog pump after

being uncorked.

I just got mine as well. It was already off so I really can't give you any advise but someone here will. You can count on it.

It's ugly, get rid of it. Make the bike street legal and you'll pollute less 'cause you won't always have to haul your bike around in your bad mileage truck (assuming you have a truck). Ahh, it feels good to save the planet.. :)

I did all this about 3 years ago but the back firing sounds about right. I rememeber it as more of a popping noise on decelaration. When I installed the block off kit. I also installed a Uni air filter and a less restrictive backfire screen. Ran great after that no more popping. Also that unit will be in the way if you want to install a larger tank.

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