99 wr400 cam chain too tight to fit

just got a new cam chain and it wont fit on the gears. i have the tensioner out, so thats not the problem, but i dont know what else could be keeping it from fittng except if its too small. anyone else have this problem? any ideas?

do you have the guides installed correctly?

I think they are but I guess I'll pull the flywheel back off and make sure

Silly question, but are both of the cams in? I have to have one of the cams out to get the chain around the other gear, then pivot the loose cam into position.

yes I have them out the chain is too tight to fit around the other gear. thanks for the replys

You might have it bunched up underneath the flywheel. Or as others have said, you can only get it to fit with one of the cams lifted up and off of the head. Snake the cam chain around the second gear, and then slowly lower the cam into place. It's about the only way you can get it to fit. Maniac

I got it to fit and got it running great but thanks for the help

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