Jay Marmont Map ?

Hello all-I just purchased a 2011 yz450. The question I have.is abount the Jay Marmont map. Has anyone had problems, such as running hot (lean)? I thought I read in the owners manual that adjacent settings should not be more than 3 increments away, ie if the center box is a +3 the surrounding boxes should be within +0 or +6. Please excuse me if I'm wrong, I just do not want to destroy this bike's motor.

Thanks for the input.

I put the map in and have around 17 hours on the the marmont map, no problems have shown

Thank you - how do the bike feel off idle? Did it feel too snapy?

Marmont map is probably the best map out there for mx. It's not as on/off at low rpms and makes really good aggresive power across the board.

Thanks Rick that's what i needed to know.

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