CRF/YZ/WR Question

Hi guys. Have any of you ridden all three or any combo? If so what are the differances(power,suspension,handling or anything else)? Im just wondering since Ive only ridden one high performance four stroke and that is my WR. I absolutely love it and wanted to see what the others are like. The only other ones that I have ridden are: my old XR650R,which I loved except for the seat hight. I also had a DR350 which was cool but not enough. Just curious :) Take care and ride on. -D :D :D

the crf450 is basicaly a wr feeling yz, it pulls pulls pulls and pulls over all a sweet bike, probably my favorite 4 stroke motocrosser, the 525 exc is my favorite bike though, hte yz is a fire breathing monster from hell, but it is fun as hell to ride if your up to it, jumps whoops anything it can do it all especially hill climbs :) hope this helps :D

I had the chance to ride a fellow TTers yz last weekend. Just took a short spin, but couldn't believe how different it felt! The YZ felt lighter (I hate to admit it) and changed direction easier than my WR. But the power delivery felt like my old 250 2-stroke, light on bottom than quickly builds to a big hit. The WR feels way stronger on the bottom and suits my riding style much better. I could get used to it but I like my cushy ride and e-start. :D To each his own :)


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