Loose Suction Line fitting

My 06 YZ450F has a loose fitting thst goes in the right side case, I believe this is the suction line, it has the black braided hose that is hose clamped to it. I was changeing the oil and saw that it was loose and could be pulled right out. Can anyone tell me the proper way to secure this fitting?


Denny 49

That is the air pressure balance line from the oil tank in front of the crankcases to the sump cavity. Order a new fitting, remove the crankcase cover and thoroughly clean around the hole, and install the new fitting (presses in place) with some JB Weld or similar 2 part epoxy.


Are there any retainers on the inside of the case? My maual show nothing but the parts breakdown looks like there is a seal and a retainer clip on it.

Thanks for your post it really helped me out.

Denny 49


After taking a closer look I can see I was wrong.

I will get a new fitting and press in place.


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