Need advice/help on my XR6. Thanks!

I know, wrong forum. blah blah. But there really is not a lot of places on the net for the XR bikes in the way forums.

First I am having a dilemma. I have Supertrap Pro exhaust on there now and some kind of aftermarket SS head pipe. Came that way when I bought the bike. The mounting eyes for the muffler are starting to crack in half and it is not that quiet of a muffler. I hear there are a lot better ones. I would like a quieter one with about the same power. So I am in search of a new unit. It has to have a SA also.

I have searched the YZ and DR forums here and found that the FMF is more of a marketing pipe and requires special packing to keep the warranty. So that is out. The Yoshi pipe comes as a complete system, so that is out. I dont want another disc system like the WB cause of noise. The other WB R4 pipe is loud and too long! The Big gun seems to be a good system though you need the whole system to be good (header pipe + muffler).

This is all pieced together from experiences on other bikes. I know maybe not the best cause it is a different bike, but I am trying to piece together what works and has low sound.

So as I was searching the post here and see the DrD pipe as being pretty much the shoet for trail riding and noise output. That looks a LOT like the procircuit T4 pipe. Anyone have any experience with that pipe? Good/bad? How well do the different caps tune the muffler? What do you all think about the choice?

okay, that was long winded. Now the second issue. Since I put the BajaDesigns dual sport kit on, the rear disc brake basically sucks. I am thinking I have a bad switch on there. It is just soft and takes a lot of travel to get the rear brake to really grab. It does not act spongy like there is air in it, cause it pumps the same every time. Pumping it up does nothing for the feel. I bleed the rear disc a few times and even took the caliper off to tilt it and make sure there was no air in there. It seems to be working better, but the travel is twice what it use to be before the BD switch went in. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks again for looking at my none YZ post.

As far as the Dr. D pipe goes, your right it is actually manufactured for Dubach by Procircuit. However it comes with the Header pipe. You did not say what kind of bike you had in your post. THere is an XR650 forum here on TT, fyi.


Yeah, I posted in that and have not got one reply in 2 topics.

It is a 96 XR600

Larry Roeselers--Stroker Fourstroke Speed Equipment produces a quality product. You can get either the complete system or just the S/A muffler. The S/A mufflers are not too loud either.

Check it out at


Hey there, I have the exact same bike and I have a WB e-series. The noise is a little higher but the reliability and craftsmanship make up for it. Laters

As far as pips, have you looked at the SuperTrap? They have a slip on I think and are the OEM on the KTMs.

As far as the brake, did putting the swich in involve opening the hydros on the break system? Most are just a position swich attached to the lever. Alot of breaks have a bleader on the slave and the master cyls. It dose sound like air if it takes 2x the throw than before. one of the cylinders could be crappin out on you too.

I have a supertrapp right now on the bike. Dont want another becuase of the disc system, and it is cracking around the mounting eyes.

for the rearbrake, you take off the banjo bolt of the MC and replace it with a hydraulic switch from the kit. I will see if there is a bleeder on the MC. I have not checked that cause I have frame guards that covers 3/4s of it.


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