06 carb for 01 426......

Iv been checking on the carb price for the 06 model and i would like to do this mod but want to know what all is needed? Anyone done this mod or know of a list of materials and jets......? I know Gray racer can help with this one...? Do i even want the 06 model or what year would be the best upgrade?

Thanks guys

I sold an '06 carb for that exact purpose, and the new owner couldn't have been happier. He bolted it on and ran it with totally stock '06 jetting (165/42/NFPR-3) and said it never ran better.

Be sure you get as much of the hot start plunger/cable/lever assembly as you can with it or you'll need to buy a bunch of small pieces that will add up. I sold mine with all three cables and the OEM clutch perch from the '06 included, so nothing was missing.

awesome ill keep a look out......

what is better about the 06 carb to the 426 carb? i have had my share of problems with the stock carb.

The 426 uses an FCR, the '03 and up 450 uses a newer, more sophisticated FCR-MX, which has a number of internal improvements to the air and fuel circuitry that make it much less fussy to work with, along with other upgrades. The '05 and up YZ450 carbs also featured an accelerator pump leak jet which improves operation at low speeds and changing throttle openings as well as providing another means of tuning the carb. Anything from '05 and later is a big improvement.

thats good to know. i was trying to find some thing that works better. so how much are the carbs going for?

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