bottom fork axle perches loose????

2008 yz450..... I bought used a few months ago...the guy obviously rode the bike pretty hard from other things I've found........but.....if I hold the bike upright and hold the front brake and rock it back and forth.....I can see a very slight movement at the arches on the lower inner fork where ur caliber and your axle pinch bolts rival small shop told ke he has never seen it before....anyone ever seen this or know how to fix...???;;thanks to all....

If you mean that the whole lower fork leg rocks back and forth, that's not so unusual, and probably only means that it need new fork bushings.

If, on the other hand, you mean that the aluminum axle lug casting is loose on the steel lower tube, that's a bit different, and not at all common. (and they should be leaking if this is the case) The lugs are threaded onto the tubes with an adhesive and then locked in place with a set screw. If they have loosened, you will want a competent suspension shop to address the issue, as considerable thread damage can result from mishandling the repair.

If the lugs need replacement, they can be purchased separately through a KYB dealer such as SMART Performance.

Thank you gray racer.....I have read quite a few of your threads over the last few months and i would have to say that if anyone would know it would be I have emailed and sent some pictures to factory connection to see if they can help me...I will probly have them re valve as well...mite as well...hope they can help...o almost forgot.......yes I mean the aluminum axle has been my luck with this used bike it would be the harder to fix more costly problem...thank you for the reply...

Long story short. Had an 06 and had my forks serviced my tuner but just for fluid,seals,bushing changes he would let his helpers do that. Anyways noticed my forks felt different while riding and went to adjust the clickers.

Bent down to adjust the rebound and on the right fork noticed the bolt that has the set screw in it(clicker) was undone and out. Every time the forks compressed the bolt would come out so far (due the damping rod pushing on it). I tightened it back up and told my tuner about it. He said if anything had happened he would have replaced it.

I guess this was what was loose on yours.

I guess this was what was loose on yours.

Not according to what he said, no. The whole axle lug is loose on the steel tube.

Oh!....I see now. I thought he was talking about the other thing I mentioned.

I would post a video if I knew but i it is not the rebound bolt deal as captain knobby is the whole lower cast aluminum perch deal that for instance the rebound valve and bolt would fit inside of......u have your inner tube that slides inside off the top the very bottom like where your brake caliper mounts to and the axle pinch bolts are....the dull aluminum cast piece....that is what is loose...not very much as i said but I can see it move when I rock the bike....don't ask me how i figured / found this out but I did......had front brake problems and accidently saw it I emailed factory conn yesturday and a guy repkied that he really understand either so I sent hima picture of what i was talking about last night but I have yet to hear anything from them yet..... I would assume as gray racer said that when the forks are assembled in the first place they are a very fine thread ,screwed in and probly yes has some kind of sealant / lock tite and then as gray racer said again,has a set screw to help......I would have no idea how to fix this on my i am hoping that f/c will...thanks for your help guys and if and when I find anything out I will post my findings....

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