Radiator Drain screw?

Is there a drain screw for the 2002 wr426? I can't seem to locate it. If not, what is the best way to flush the system?

I believe you can just undo the small bolt on the water pump on the right side of the motor. Removing the radiator cap will help relieve pressure and allow the coolant to flow out.

In this picture you can see the water pump...


^^^obviously not the a wr but you get the idea.

That is what I was thinking I would have to do. My brother has a KTM that has an actual drain screw, so I was hoping mine had one to and I was just missing it. This seemed like what I would need to do and really isnt all that bad as little as I need to do it. Thanks for your reply and your time!

there should be a bolt in the bottom center of your water pump that has a copper washer on it that is the drain.

That is what I was hoping for. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to grab this picture. I looked at that bolt but thought it was something to do with the mounting of the pump iteself or even a case bolt. I know where this is and will tackle that this evening. I appreciate your help here.


No problem:thumbsup:

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