new to the site looking for some help

hey how is everyone doing?

I am new to the site and wr's in general, i have worked on banshees most of my life and have decided to switch over to the 4 strokes.

I just picked up a 2001 WR426 all stock except for a FMF Q series pipe, it ran great and as soon as i got home i can ride it down the road and then it dies, it will start back up, but as soon as i hit high RPM's it wants to die right after.

I have done the research on the site and have come down to the jetting is off (stock jetting right now) or possibly the timing is off. I havent really found anyone else with the same symptoms as me so just seeking some advice maybe a point in the right direction.

thanks again


Nick, Welcome to ThumperTalk! Hopefully someone on here can help you figure out how to fix that 426. Have you tried riding it around for awhile while keeping below the high rpm's? My current "guess" is that the ignition coil is starting to go bad. If this is the case, the bike will run until the coil gets hot, then it will start to short out and you won't have any spark until the coil cool's down again. Try to give us some more details, and someone on here will be able to help. Good luck! Maniac

I would take off your carb and give it a good cleaning could be a plugged main. While it is out look at your jets as you mentioned and compare them to the stock jetting to get a baseline of where you are at. Sometimes exhausts are added without changing the jetting causing a lean condition. Also run the bike in with the petcock on the on and reserve positions to see if there is a difference sometimes this can starve the engine for gas and is fairly cheap to repair. I have also seen many times in the past on bikes, atv's etc that the tank may not be venting properly and airlocking. Try pulling off the over flow line off the stopper or unscrew it slightly and try to run the bike.

well i cleaned out the carb and it ran and it started fine, went down the road and did the same thing, however now it wont start back up. i cleaned the carb again with no help, it has spark but i will be changing the plug today to see if maybe that is the problem, it has a 170 for a main jet and a 45 for a pilot, upon inspection of the carb i also found that the accelerator pump is not squirting. I took it apart and there was nothing visibly wrong. I put it back together and still no start...:smashpc:

Is it getting fuel? Is there any water in your fuel this will kill plugs. I had an issue several years back I picked up 5 gal at the local gas station and split it up and put some in my lawn tractor, atv, and mixed a bit for my chain saw and trimmer. Two days later the works of it would not work everything was full of water. What a mess, had to drain everything as well as replace the spark plugs in everything. The worst was my atv that took 2 weeks of fooling around with it several plugs and several bottles of gasline antifreeze.

When you cleaned the carb did you remove the float and the needle valve as there may be something stuck in there also I have seen that before.

With the carb on the bike and the gas on with the drain on the bowl open will the gas keep flowing into a container (quick check for petcock). Also check the stopper. If you rule out these items then we can help you to dig a little deeper.

Fuel flow is suspect in my mind also.

hey everyone just an update on my situation

turns out it was a little bit of everything.....pilot jet was compltely gunked up as well as every valve being out of spec :thumbsup:

thanks for ur guys help

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