What are the BEST rides to do in Moab?

I'm heading to Moab next month and I have only ridden it one time before on a dirt bike. I'm looking for suggestions for some of the BEST routes to take while down there. I have three full days to ride and I would like to make the best of it! :)

That's hard...as there's so many!

A couple of my favorites...

1. Pritchett Canyon (starting off the main drag just south of town) and return via Kane Creek. One big loop...

2. Poison Spider to Gold Bar Rim to Gemini Bridges. Out and back...

2a. Side trip...take Poison Spider (past the turnoff on Gold Bar Rim) a little further up to see the infamous natural bridge. Still cant believe folks ride that thing... :)

3. Kokapelli Trail (from the trailhead of Slick Rock in Moab to Dewey bridge and back). Not that technical, but definitely gives you that "in the middle of nowhere" feeling (cause you are!). Wouldnt waste your time going all the way to Fruita, CO...as after Dewey Bridge, it's pretty much wide open desert roads (boring). Fun stuff's between Dewey bridge and Moab. Probably getting close to 100 miles round trip (take extra gas). Shorter option is to ride the road from Dewey bridge back into town...

I'm sure others will post their thoughts...and probably get more detailed. If I were you, I'd stop in a local (mountain) bike shop and pick up some topo maps of local rides. The folks at the shops are more than willing to help out a newcomer...

Have a great time!


Asama Back.

If you get tired of the desert/slick rock riding head south for about an hour to the Abajo(sp?) mtns. It's got some great riding and it's pretty high up.If I remember right we were up close to 12,000'

I'd agree with some of the previous posts Poison Spider/Gold Bar Rim/Gemini Bridges is my favorite ride.

I would add riding at least one day in the San Rafael Swell a little West of Green River, Utah. Swayze Cabin, Devil's Racetrack, Red and Blue trails and if you feel like doing some hardcore riding you can hit the Five Miles of Hell near the Red and Blue trails. I've stayed off this one with the WR. If I can borrow an XR250 or a trials bike, I'm there. :)

Since you pass it on your way to Moab, stop there and ride for a day. It's awesome and may soon be closed. After you're done, hit Ray's Tavern in Green River, great food that's fairly cheap and good micro brews on tap.

If you stop at Ray's Tavern in Green River, get the pork chops. The are the best you'll ever get!!!!

Duh...All of them are :D

Poison Spider

Chicken Corners

Gemini Bridges - Bull Canyon RIOT

Slick Rock


etc :)

I will be going the first weekend in November if you can wait.

I'd LOVE to put this off for ya Pedman but as soon as I do you'll have to go to a family reunion or something... :):D

Seriously though, this is about the only time I could get together with my bro for a Moab trip.


We will catch up some day for sure.... :D

What I need to do is bring my bike to Boise :)

All of the above areas are great. However, there was no mention of Monitor and Merrimac, and the Bartlet wash area. This area is little used, has great slickrock, sand and technical areas. There is also a large, seldom used, slick rock area in Bartlett wash. You can easily spend a day in this area which is northwest of Moab.

We will be in Moab October 3-5 for a trip. I have an additional condo which is half price if you are interested.



Do you have any directions for these rides? I've got a good number of rides I think we're going to do but of course, variety is good! :)

Can we get a condo for $60 per night? :D

The condo would run about $115.00 per night for three bdrm and 82.50 for two bdrm. Each condo has a garage and are two story located next to the golf course and the stealbender trail entrance.

To Monitor and Merrimac. From downtown Moab, proceed north on Highway 191 until you pass Highway 313 to Canyonlands. About 1 mile after the 313 turnoff you will see a dirt road to the left that turns into Mill Canyon Road. Cross the cattle guard, then park. From here follow the signs to Monitor and Merrimac. You can completely circle each of the buttes on your bike. A loop can be made by passing the Determinations Towers to the west of the valley. The road northwest after the towers leads to Tusher Wash and will hook back up with Mill Canyon Road or you can take the fork to the east and return to the road that you started on. At the end of Tusher Wash turn northwest to get to the Bartlett Wash and some great slickrock. I wish I could give better directions. I am taking the GPS down next time and mapping some trails.


Hey folks,

I have never ridden Moab but some folks have contributed Moab GPS data to the Ride Database in the Big Bear Trail Riders Club.

I'm willing to email the data in our database in Garmin Mapsource format in exchange for data you collect on your ride.

check out


for the details.

Dan...you have yourself a DEAL!! :):D

Please send mapsource files to david@wr450.com and after Moab, I'll email you back everything we log.


Thanks for the directions...I'm sure we'll find it!

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