2010 Engine Rattle

When I shut off my 2010 YZ450F there is a bit of a rattle right as the engine winds down. It sounds like the cam chain. The bike runs perfect everywhere else, its only in shut off that I hear this noise. Anyone else hear this? It sounds similar to the chain slap my buddy has on his KTM 450 XC-W. I just hope its nothing to worry about.

It's more likely to be the transmission and primary gears bouncing off each other. Any engine with fewer than 6 cylinders or more runs at a very unsteady speed at low RPM, accelerating on the power strokes and decelerating as it hits compression. The fewer cylinders, the more exaggerated the effect. Same is true during shut down. I haven't heard yours, but the description sounds typical.

I only hear it after I've already pushed the kill switch. It really only happens for a second or two right before the engine completely stops turning.

I understood that. Same answer. If you are concerned about the cam chain, though, you can open the cam box up and check it out.

Sounds like its nothing to worry about. I did a valve check about 15 hours ago and they were all spot on, typical Yamaha.

My 2010 doe's the samething since new! 51hr and counting.

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