Me Tupid...

Well despite getting my front axle in... finally, I pulled another stunt.

I changed my oil last night getting ready for the big 5 dayer. Drained the oil, filled her back up, drained the old oil into a container out of the oil pan and what sits on the bottom of the pan but the gold washer for the bottom drain plug. :) Der fee derder.

Now, obviously I need to get that washer back on, right?


As long as the bike doesn't leak, I don't see a problem... I guess you could always lean your bike over on its side and put it back on.. But I think it'll be fine..


Starting your bike will pump the oil into the frame sump, then lean it over as Dan stated and you should have little if any oil to deal with.


Lay it on its side, no oil will come out. Been there done that.

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