My new to me 2001 YZ426F

Hello all my name is Jerry I live in raleigh nc and here are a few pics of my 01 yamaha YZ426F. I have owned an XR80, XR250 and XR400 in the past and let me tell you this yamaha is a beast compared to my XR400 and that's with me and my 320lb 5'11" lard arse on there. If there are any tips and or tricks I need to know about this yamaha please don't hesitate to let me know I did watch a couple videos on youtube about the proper technique to starting this bike and I have it down pat now starting on the first or second kick now :-) anyways on to the pics................







NICE! I just bought my new to me 2001 426 as well!

The best thing I can suggest is to give it a thorough cleaning by removing most of the bodywork.

Thoroughly clean and relube the chain as well, who knows how the last owner treated it!

Also, research finding TDC and learn to kick that baby in one swift kick. My 2001 is my first dirtbike and doing my research first really helped me learn how to easily kick start my 426. I would offer to ride with you but you're kind of on the other side of the country. :smashpc:



That is a seriously bald rear tire! Congrats on the new-to-you 426. They're neat bikes.

Congrats on the new bike !!!!!!!! I just bought a 2000 model a few months back and went through alot the bike already. 2 words for you if this is your first 4 stroke, " Hang On" . Man the torque of these things are amazing. Im still getting used to it. Your gonna love it !!!!!!!!!

Nice bike. I have one to but mine is a 2002.

Have you ben riding it on the street alot lol?

Don't ride it on the street much I bought it that way with the bald tire and immediately ordered this


I did a ton of research and this bike starts for me on the first kick after finding tdc and rarely second kick I always do my homework before I purchase anything lol

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