race by race maintenance

I was curious what you guys did as far as racy by race maintenance. I read the manual and it has you doing all sorts of things frequently (check the piston and rings every 5th race, etc..). This is great if you have a hired mechanic and/or lots of time and money to kill, but I personally don't so I'm curious to know what you can get away with and still have the bike run and last well. How much and what do you all do on a regular basis?


I change my oil and clean or replace my oil filter every couple of riding hours. I also change my air filter after every ride.

I grease my bearings (front and back) about every 10 rides. I wash the bike after every race and after every other trail ride.

As for the internals, I check the valves about every four months unless I notice some change in performance. Keep fresh packing in the muffler as that will decrease performance as it blows out.

Sounds like a lot of things to do but it really isn't. I have never had a mechanical DNF since I started racing these YZF's at the end of 97. That tell me something about preventive maintenance!!!


That thing about checking/changing rings every 5th race seemed far excessive to me. That might apply to a fast pro who rides the bike on the edge puts the engine through the wringer, but I'm just an old geezer who rides at what is a comfortable pace for me. I'm just not very hard on the engine.

Yernie's routine is pretty thorough and is pretty much what I do as well. Maybe I change my oil a little more often since it gets changed after every race and practice. Actually, practices are much harder on the bike because I get much more track time than race day. I like to check the spokes pretty often, lube the control cables about once a month, clean the carb internals about every 2 months, and I also sometimes just give the bike a thorough hands-on inspection. I start at the front and check for play in the forks, steering stem, wheel, brakes...etc. You get the picture. I've also gotten into the habit of putting a red ty-wrap around the throttle when I service my bike. This is to remind me to stop and give the bike a quick once-over before I start the engine so I won't accidently start it without oil in it. I'm kinda forgetful.

Most of the bases have been covered as far as race prep and post prep goes. I keep an eye on my chain (definitely if it's not O-ring) after every ride. Mud rides will make regular chains stretch like taffy. Ummm.... I will grease my linkage after every 5 or 6 races, headset goes along with that since these thumpers heat up the headset grease and disipate it. Oil and filter after every practice and race like instructed. I just did rings, which had about 20 practices and 10 races on them. Wasn't hard to do, just took a little time. I would definitely steer clear of the 5 race program on those. I did it because I thought that my bike lost a little power, but it was probably in my head. It feels strong now, but that's like when I wash my car, I swear it drives better.

Other than that stuff and the normal filter cleaning, etc..... these things are usually pretty turnkey operative. Just ride the heck out of them and don't ask why you don't have to tear it down every other weekend. :)

Hey Boit! That's a great idea using the red ty-rap! Think I'll try it. :)

Hugh...you taught me that one... :)

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