Just got my new toy the other day. a brand new 2002 XR650R. I am coming off of a 2001 yz426, the tranny blew so it was time for a new steed. I am very happy with the power and performance of this bike. noticeably heavier than my last bike but worth it. Anyway I just wanted to say hello to my new forum here on TT, I have been here for a while just on the YZF side. So hello to all and I look foreward to asking you many annoying questions that you get all the time from people new the the BRP ( I am assuming that means Big Red Pig but I don't know :D). cya around :D, take it easy :D, hang loose :), be cool :D, U B Bad :D, don't be shy :D, keep it in the closet :D, party hats allowed :D and most of all GOD BLESS AMERICA :D

Welcome! Sorry to hear your tranny blew, do you think there's a reliability issue there? One of the main reason's I bought the XR is for reliability, knowing it's not the best or lightest. So far the bike has proven to be so reliable it's boring.. nothing to fix, just ride and ride and ride. Alaska must be paradise for a dirt biker. Ever run into a bear while riding?!


One of the main reason's I bought the XR is for reliability, knowing it's not the best or lightest.

Yeah, but she is big and beautiful. A true redheaded Amazon of a dirtbike. :)

Welcome Dan. Ask away. :D

A true redheaded Amazon of a dirtbike.

:D :D :):D :D :D

Let's not forget she DOMINATES the BAJA 1000 year after year. Even those flashy KTM's can't say that. BRP is so good, they haven't felt the need to change it since it was introduced. So I guess she is the best after all! :)

Welcome, glad to hear you "stepped up"...How's the riding in Alaska? If I were living(and riding) there, a Honda 4 stroke is the way to go!

:lol:No I haven't run into any bears while riding. seen a few while hunting though. I like riding up here. lots and lots of rocks though. kinda hard on the belly. really need to get a metal skid plate. I will try and see if I can get a picture to show up this will be my first attempt so please bear :D :D :D with me. can't seem to get it to work does someone know how. if so please show me the way :). thanks

Aren't Kodiac bears the biggest in the world?! You're going to come hauling ass around a corner one of these days and run smack dab into a mamma bear with some cubs and... hey, maybe you should mount a gun on the handle bars. Or carry grenades or something! You better send a photo asap. :)

yes KODIAK bears are the biggest bears in the grizzley family aka brown bears. but polar bears are actually bigger. polar bears are a lot taller but the KODIAK bear can weigh more, but usually they don't. thanks for tuning into your local TT know it all, I will be here all week :)

I wanna know which is faster in the 100 yard sprint. An uncorked XR650R or a Kodiak bear that thinks you're dinner :D

Last time I was in Alaksa (~9 years ago) I was backpacking in Denali with my wife and felt somewhat secure until the evening I read the book tittled "Alaska Bear Tales" or something like that. Man...that book really gave me the heebeejeebees. I didn't get a wink of sleep for several days/nights afterwards, especially after a couple close bear enounters the following day. We came upon a ridge where we overlooked a fresh kill from ~100 yards away while mommy and her cub were having dinner. We luckily hitched a ride with a tour bus a few hours later and they dropped us off at another location, but then came even closer to an even larger more humongus bear. Fortunately that bear was more interested in digging out a squirl from his hole and didn't pay us much attention, but I've never felt so vulnerable in all my life. One of the highlights of our trip was when we were treking down a main rode the tour buses used and a lone wolf that had just come back from a fresh kill (fresh blood all over its face) was trotting down the same side of the road towards us. We stopped and the Wolf slowed down, but it still kept coming. It then stopped within inches of us and gave us a good sniff, but it was pretty skittish and very aprehensive in its movements. We were very shocked it came up to us like it did, but it never acted threatening. Then it just trotted off down the road while looking back every so often like nothing had happend and we watched it dissapear down the road. My wife and I have owned Wolf Hybrids for a long time, so that experience was a huge thrill for us :) I can't wait to get back to Alaksa again someday!

well, you will be happy to know that black bears are scared of pigs, at least loud obnoxious red ones. out riding at my cabin a couple weeks ago we ran into a medium size rug, chocolate colored black bear about 100 yards away, he took one look at my bike and ran like hell for the trees. Or maybe i just forgot to shower :). Cows dont much like the pig's low rumbling call either, crack the throttle and watch em run :D.

I would still like to learn how to post pics if someone out there could show me how that would be great. thanks

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