XR600R Exhaust Inserts

I have a '95 XR600R with a stock exhaust. I pulled the end cap/insert out and was surprised that it was just a 1" diameter by 6" long straight-through perforated tube inside the end cap sleeve. There was no wire screen to act as a spark arrestor. Does this sound like a stock insert? I'm wondering if the spark arrestor is in the middle of the muffler, out of sight.

If this is the stock insert, what does the power-up one look like? Where can I get one? How much do they cost? And can the stock one be modified into one?



The spark arrestor is inside the pipe. Just run it without the end piece in and stick it back in if you want to here your chain while riding :)

White Brothers makes one, Baja Designs has the Thumper Racing one. I had a 96 xr600, the white brothers tip . uni filter,2 sizes up onthe main jet, 1 up on the pilot jet was the best combination of performance for the money. Very important factor was that the bike was almost as QUIET as the stock insert. Later I had a FMF Mega Max. It might of made more power on the top end but was so loud I`d short shift it. Just my opinion Jim but I think your on the right track.

Older XRs used a turbine style spark arrestor instead of the stainless mesh you see used nowadays. The idea is that the little propeller like turbine thing you can see way down in the back there will cause any glowing carbon bits to travel down the outer part of the pipe to where it dead ends. They even put a little cleanuout lid on the bottom of the pipe, but nothing ever comes out and the bolts are seized unless the original owner never-seized them at day one.

Was the insert really only 1" inside diameter? There are two styles of 600R pipe, one with the flat end (newer) and teh onee with the cone/tapered end (older) that was on XRs for all of the 1980's. The insert for the tapered pipes can still be seen in Xr650L's, but now they put two blobs of weld in addition to the 2 screws to keep you from taking it out as easily.. THese tapered inserts were oly 3/4" output and used some packing as well if I recall correctly.


When I had my 1987 XR600R I ordered the one from Baha designs. I think it added 3hp. They told me exactly how to jet, in fact they sold me the jets with all the directions on what to do. It worked perfectly.

Baja Designs still had the 600 jetting info on their site within the last year anyways. And I'm sure they will still sell a baffle to anyone that wants one. The 600 is a bit loud if you don't run a baffle and ride in sensitive areas where noise is an issue. Sometimes you have to trade power for a bit of stealth to keep the peace.


I know this is an old thread, but are there any inserts that give a bit more power than the stock one. Can't ride with out as its too noisy.

Have searched but all old info/ no longer available

I suppose one can make an insert that is less restrictive than the standard one?


Will have to look into making something. Do you have any pictures of your homemade?

Seen the some use an VW beetle end pipe on XR400's

BTW is there any packing inside the standard Honda welded muffler?

BTW is there any packing inside the standard Honda welded muffler?

No packing in the stock muffler. I will get a photo of my homemade gizmo and post it.

I went looking for the Thumper Racing tip as well, could not find! Took my brother's and got measurements. Check out this sample made of perforated tube, fiberglass packing, a 16 ga Stainless disc and.....a chrome/bronze sink trap pipe from Home Depot!



Seems kinda ghetto I know, but has held tough, no discoloration, great power and almost as quiet as stock. Here's a great place for perforated tubing and packing:


This was made as a quick mock up while I was waiting for some proper Stainless tubing U bent---but hell, has worked pretty good for a 5 buck plumbing part!

That looks really good. How long is your internal perforated tube and is it the same diameter as the muffler hole?

Same as the Thumper insert, it is 6" length of perforated tubing---1.5" Diameter for the pipe fitting and perforated. I believe the Thumper Racing tip is 1.25 Diameter though!

anyone modify a supertrap?

and what about taking the baffle rings off/ putting more on, any benefit?

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