New battery location?

I have a 2004 WR450F, and I am just screwing around mostly, but I was wondering if there is a new battery location so I can really open up the airbox and get some airflow, if you know anything let me know...:smashpc:

No need to move the battery. Opeing up the airbox further than the scribe marks will not add any power.

Opening up the airbox past the scribe marks will just make your aircleaner get dirtier faster. Until you are port and polished and camed, and need a 185 main jet, you are good with the regular modded box.

Cool thanks guys, I followed the marks on my 150s airbox and it opened it up pretty good and helped out a lot on a few issues. Thanks again guys.

I've heard some racers put one of those light weight batts on the skid plate.

On the Skid plate? Hmmm that would take some work to get all the wire harnesses down to the plate, but its not a bad idea for racing or maybe even trail riding, it probably distrbutes the weight a little or something. Now I wanna look into it, just for the sake of being bored and wanting to do something haha

A stock LiPo will never fit. The few racers that put a battery down there were custom units designed only to balance out stator output. The batteries were not designed to run the E start. The racers were alson not concerned with battery life, 36 hours was fine. Under the engine is a very bad environment. Do not waste your time.

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