YZ426F Forks

I just bought an 02 YZ426F pretty happy with it but i had a question if i could take the forks and shock off of my yz125 that were just re valved done up for me. i know i would have more problems in the front end. but would they fit and would it work right?

forks should fit rear shock wont but it wont matter it they were set up for your weight either as the 426 is a much heaver bike youl probably find your shocks to be way to soft even if you did swap them

The rear shock would likely fit, too, but first, we don't know what year your 125 is, and second, the money you spent on the rework will be totally wasted if you were to put them on a 426 because of the aforementioned 60 pound difference in the bikes.

my 125 was an 04. but i think im going to get this suspension dialed in on this bike and forget about swapping it out

The '04 suspension would fit, but the forks are 48mm, requiring the use of the '04 clamps, and the 125 steering stem is too short for the 426, so the stem would need to be swapped. Adding to that is the fact that the 125 forks are also shorter, which will affect the steering geometry and cause stability issues if not dealt with correctly.

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