Results after installing JD kit

I recently installed a powercore 4 exhaust on my bike which gave it awesome low and mid range, but caused a hesitation from going from mid to full throttle. It also made it feel like the bike wouldn't pull as hard at full throttle, probably the result of a lean condition. To make a long story short, I ordered the JD kit and installed the blue needle on 4th clip and 168MJ (directions suggested a 170 but i sometimes use the quiet insert which restricts exhaust flow slightly). I'm happy to report that the bike now runs great across the entire throttle opening range and there are no stumbles or hesitations anywhere. Top end is great as well and allows for some cool 3rd gear power wheelies. :) My only concern is that it seems as though the bike is not as quick to rev out through the low to mid rpm range with the new jetting arrangement. This, however, may simply be a result of intalling a new rear tire which spins less than my old baldy. :D


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