Paddle tire for my WR426

I am going to Sand Mountain for the second time with my bike. The first time, the bike did suprisingly well once I figured out the WOT all the time technique. This time I want to use a paddle tire so I don't have to plan my climbs so far in advance. What tire will fit the bike the best and offer good performance? 8 or 10 paddle? Thanks...

I've worked with 8 paddles on a 19'' wheel and it was a blast! :):D

The bike was very aggressive making it spin like a knobby throwing sands all over the place and even on my neck and in my jersey pouaahhh!!! :D :D I had more traction than a knobby on hard packed terrain! Lots Lots Lots of fun. Never tried 10 paddles.

I wish I could go ride with you! :D

Ciao buddy!

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