2010+ Fender for 06-09

Don't know if anyone has seen this yet but I know a lot of people are looking to get this style fender on their bikes. Cycra has the new style fender that fits the old style bikes. Just trying to share the wealth


I have a follow up question though. Has anyone put the 2011 front plate on an 06-09 YZ and if so did you have to modify it?

Thanks for the link but I'm not sure I like the looks of it better than my stocker.

I have seen it on a couple bikes where people have drilled out the holes to make it fit. Looks pretty good but this one just bolts right up and is same price as the 2010+ fender.

Probably could save a lot of guys looking to do the swap some time.

Center Scoop Channel for increased air flow think this is really true??

I have a full Cycra plastic set on my bike and i don't know if it actually does increase the wind flow to the radiators but two things

1. When you look at everything on the bike you can see the difference and if your washing the bike water channels through everything the wind/air would so i guess that means it should work

2. They plastics from them seem to be stronger and lighter with a high scratch resistance. so if you need to replace or are looking to dress it up seems like something that could work well for you.

I was interested in the improved air flow shrouds but I have the moose radiator cages so I don't think they will fit. I had to trim that rib out from behind the stock shrouds to get them to fit.

I have an 08 with a IMS 3 gallon tank I can take a picture when I get home for you so you can see how they look next to the rad. I think it should be able to flex around it.

I have an 07 with a 3 gallon IMS tank and the rad cages. A picture would be cool as I've been curious about putting them on but didn't want to buy them and have to cut them up to make them fit.

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