Vor Tip?????

I looked at Baja Designs fot the tip and the only thing I could find was $100. This seems way too expensive. The PMB tip is only 39.99. My Gyt-R insert was 39.99 but is stripped out. I have no idea what to get since it is way too loud without the insert. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, D :):D

Have you looked into Heli-Coil? Or drill and tap to a larger bolt? Just some thoughts.


Fix the stripped threads with a Heli-Coil or drill and tap for a bigger bolt.

Then you can use the one you already paid for.

Yeah I just wasnt sure if the other 2 were better? I was curious as to why the vor tip was so much more than the other ones. If there is no advantage to the other ones Im just gonna put a bolt in and double nut the bolt. Thanks guys :):D

Ill caper,

I had a 2000WR 400 with the White Bros. model Vortip. On the 02 WR426 I got the Baja Designes model. Its beautiful! The workmanship etc. is first class. Much better than WB model, workmanship better and the tubes a little bigger that should equal better flow. Last Weekend stopped by a bike shop and they had the GTR insert, kind of an impulse item. I bought it because it was cheap, with the plans of cutting tubes and trying to modify it to see what I could get from a modified baffle. The BD tip is so beautiful I just can't damage it. Last weekend, rode with the GTR, seemed the same at low to mid throttle but was stronger on top, sound very close. I will probably chop away at the GTR for the fun of it but that BD tip is sooooo pretty, I just can't deface it.

I cut the limp #$%& looking pipe off the end of my Baja Designes insert, it still passes at 94 db and doesn't look so dumb, it is very well built, maybe even overbuilt, must weight at least two pounds.

the PMB looks good, works good (96db), (tested at the colorado 500), and is inexpensive, I vote for it.. I've had both the WB vortip and the Baja Designs tip. I don't like the way they stick out past the end of the pipe, the PMB goes in the pipe and doesn't stick out at all. Jim :)

I had the GYRT and sold it and got a PMB insert. I like it better so far and it seems to flow more. The thing I did notice is that the cross section for the PMB and GYRT are the same.

The PMB feels like it has more top end than the GYRT. The only thing I don't like about it is that the holes in the end fill with mud if you ride in nasty contidions.

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