coolant overflow bottle & neutral wire harness?

Are either of these 2 items necessary? I have yet to overheat my WR, so I would assume, no, on the overflow bottle. But what about the wiring below the gear shift, can that be removed with no conswquence? I saw a cover of Zip Ty that will cover the opening. Should I just remove it?

I can't speak for the wire harness but I have removed the coolant overflow bottle and have not had a single problem with overheating. I also have not lost any coolant. Just re-route the overflow hose that goes from the radiator to the bottle so that it exits through the swingarm linkage with all your other overflow hoses.


Thanks Jersey dirt. I am going to remove it. I have never had one on a dirtbike before.

Has ANYONE removed the wiring below the kickstarter? If so, is it just a plug in to the wiring harness under the tank?

I hope I am not just talking to myself here. The coolant tank is off. Now about that wiring harness........?


Use the search option in the WR forum and there is some info there. NH Kevin cut the wires and had no problems, I have no first hand experience so no opinion. Search for

neutral switch and neutral wire, Blue wire may also hit on this.

I keep Jack Daniels in mine.

Does the JD make you any faster, or just kill the pain when you wad up?

I have looked in to this wiring harness (a bit). I went on the motoman393 website. It looks like removing the wiring does the same as the blue wire suggestion. I have read (terrycable) that only one of the 4 wires is active - the blue one. So, I went ahead and ordered the cover, and will remove that portion of the harness.

It is strictly used for medicinal purposes only!

Back in the day a buddy drained the windshield fluid resevior and ran the tube into the vehicle. He put JD in it.

Beezer, I see that youre from fairfield. Where do you ride around here? :)


I have a plate on my WR. I ride in the watershed, around the low areas of the Pompton River. The watershed property you don't get out of second gear much. I ride everywhere I'm not supposed to.

My WR is really quiet. First thing I do when I get in the woods is find mud to wipe on my license plate. The Gestapo gets you loading and unloading. With the license plate and a quiet pipe you can sneak in and out.

cool, we do the exact same thing, ride to the trails and wipe mud on our plates. I can't say my bike is quiet though. We ride mostly around charlottsburg reservoir off of route 23. Some pretty nice and varied terrain up there. Where is the watershed that you ride in? I'm not familiar with that area.

We took ours out when we first prepared the WR, it serves no useful purpose, there is a lot of fluff in the electrical system on the WR. Also removed were headlight,engine stop button (actually we put it back on as the start button after the start button popped out)clutch switch,diode, starter relay diode,cut off relay,tailight,neutral switch,main switch (we used the light switch as the main switch)and all associated wiring. Except for the woodruff key we have had no mechanical or electrical. After the woodruff key broke our dealer replaced the crank and rotor (since it had less than 1/2 mile on it) and have had no problems since put I still ordered the "slip" gears just to be sure. Remember "no dnf's" :)

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